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My vision for K9 Central has always been to provide a meeting place for like-minded people who have a passion for dogs.

I want to reach out and spark this passion in as many people as possible, because it is through this passion and, yes, empathy towards our four-legged friends, that we can make a true difference in this world.

Because every dog deserves a chance. And every dog deserves a great home. By telling more people about how to care for and love their dogs, the less likely that dog ends up in a shelter and abandoned.

K9 Central is now in its twelth year of business. Every year we seem to improve, add, and refine. Change is ongoing. But this year I am really excited about our training program. Why? Our instructors are passionate about teaching people. They want to give you the tools you need to communicate and have fun with your dog.Isn’t this what it is all about? Building the human-canine bond that rests on a solid base of mutual love and respect? This is why at K9 Central we teach only positive, motivational training methods.

What is Motivational  Training?

Positive motivational means adding something pleasant to increase a behaviour. For example; you ask your dog to sit, you reward him with his favourite treat or praise. Not only does the reward reinforce the preceding response it increases in frequency and increases the likelihood that the behaviour will be repeated in the future. Any behaviour that is reinforcement, your dog will repeat.

A growing collection of recent studies is proving that motivational training of dogs is much more effective and ultimately successful than training involving dominance and punishment  . Some of the studies even demonstrated that training involving punishment actually created additional problem behaviors – certainly an outcome no dog guardian deliberately sets out to achieve. Motivational training has been scientifically proven to be the most effective and quickest way to train your dog. You can teach your dog virtually anything using motivational training from tricks to obedience, to solving behavioural issues such as aggression, this type of training is fun for both which ensures quicker learning and creates a trusting relationship based on trust and respect. So how do we do this? By offering everything from basic training instruction to encouraging you to join in the fun world of dog sports. From puppy to the ultimate canine! We promise you that if you join us on this journey you will have the most fun, the most rewarding experiences. You will also have a dog that is your partner and a happy, well-adjusted member of the family.

From Puppy to Ultimate K9. We’ve Got It All!

Basic obedience, flyball, agility, disc dog training, dock diving,  Rally-O, competitive obedience – we’ve got it all, year-round.
K9 Central offers strong, positive, motivational training that works!!!

Private Training

Are you having aggression, fear or behavioural issues? OR does your work schedule not allow for you to participate in one of K9 Central's obedience classes with your canine family member? Then you may want to consider Private Training; private training is a one on one session with a trainer. Click the link above to see the full details regarding private training.

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  • Basic Skills

    Let us show you how to be a good ‘leader’ without conflict. Our basic training classes include:

    And for those that want to go all the way, we even offer an advanced training skills class that will teach you how to compete in competitive obedience trials.

    We give you the tools to communicate with your dog. Enjoy your time with a happy, well-adjusted member of the family.

    ** Please show up 10- 15 minutes before your class start time **

  • Sports Dog Training

    Do you have an active, high energy dog?  You may want to sign-up for some fun dog sports! Dog sports are a great way to get out all that pent-up energy.  Join us while we learn:

    K9 Central boasts its own dock jumping and recreational swimming pool, plus our 2.5 acre fenced-in sports field means you can train for agility indoors and outside.
    Our 6,000 sq. ft. training gym is equipped with the latest dog sport equipment so come out and have fun!

    ** Please show up 10- 15 minutes before your class start time **

  • Frequent Trainer Rewards Program

    At K9 Central we believe training creates a strong bond between you and your best friend. Because we feel so strongly, we offer our clients frequent trainer rewards. Sign up and complete any of our training programs and automatically become a member of our Frequent Trainer Rewards Program. Please note this is only for classes that are $195 + HST.

    1st class = Full Price
    2nd class receive 5% off
    3rd class receive 10% off
    4th class receive 15% off
    5th class receive 20% off

    $20 off coupon:
    -  The $20 off coupon only applies if: the class is 6 weeks long, it is the first time you are taking training at K9 Central and the class is $195 + HST. 

    Please Note the following:
    - Payment must be made prior to the start date of the class in order to hold your spot in the class
    - If you miss a class there is no makeup class. You have the option of: 1) Doing a private with the instructor at an additional cost to you 2) Coming in or having us email the homework to you so you can practice 3) Receiving the homework the next week.
    - K9 Central does not do waitlist for classes that aren't set. Classes are set every season and once they are set the website is updated with the new start dates. 


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Training2If you have any questions or require more information, please call us at 905-623-3940 or send your inquiries to