- Outdoor pool (not an indoor pool)
- Open approximately from May Long Weekend to Thanks Giving Weekend in October (depends on the weather)

Pool Hours:
The pool is only open during the following hours:
Monday- Friday: 8:00 AM- 7:30 PM
Saturday: 8:15 AM- 3:30 PM
Sunday: 10:15 AM- 6:30 PM

Pool Rules:
For safety reasons the following rules need to be adhered to:
- Two people must attend when pool is being used
- The pool is for canines only, NO HUMANS allowed in the pool
- Everyone must sign in and out when using the pool
- Pool is only available for 1 hour at a time
- A reservation is required when using the pool (No membership hours). To see pool availability: www.k9central.ca go to the “Events” tab at the top of the page, go down to the “Pool Calendar” call the office at 905-623-3940 or email info@k9central.ca to make a reservation
- A code is required to enter the pool area; obtain code from front office when signing in. There is a blue line on the lock, line the code up with the blue line and you will be able to open the lock 
-  If you have never used the pool/dock, a private lesson is required
- Pool is closed during events and on holidays
- Memberships: 3 people max/ 3 dogs per membership holder.  Members must live at the same address to take advantage of Membership pricing and use of pool.
- Passes: 2 people max/ 2 dogs per pass holder

Please click the following link and  complete the pool waiver before first use at the K9 Central Pet Resort, Training and Spa Inc Pool

Pool Waiver online

Pool Rental:

Pool rental is available to practice or just cool down on a hot day.
Get a couple of friends together and join in the fun!
** Private required for first time dock/pool users**

Half Hour: $40 + HST; 2 people/ 3 dogs max
Hour: $60 + HST; 2 people/ 3 dogs max
*Additional $10 per dog/ person once over limit*
Please call ahead to make sure the pool is available for rental

Private Training on Dock:

** Private required for first time dock/pool users**
Half Hour: $50 + HST; 2 people/ 2 dogs max
Hour:$75 + HST; 2 people/ 2 dogs max
*Additional $ 10 per dog/ person once over limit
*Available by pre-arranged appointment only
* It is important to note to first time users that your dog may not go in the water
- To schedule an appointment with the dock diving instructor email: pool@k9central.ca

Private Training on Dock Cancellation Policy:
48 hours prior to private = No charge
24 hours prior to private = 50 % charge
Less than 24 hours prior to private = 100% charge 
* No fee if cancelled because of weather (storming or raining really hard) 

Memberships for 2023 Season:

This is really the best deal. Let’s just say that you swim your dogs or practice dock jumping two days per week, the cost for your membership works out to $5.00 a swim for the season. And let’s face it; the lake can get pretty stinky…
Mid May- Mid October$450 + HST; (up to 3 people per family (same address))  - 3 dogs per membership holder
July 1- Mid October: $350 + HST; 3 people max/ 3 of dogs per membership holder
- One hour limit per session
- No membership hours- a reservation is required
Pool is not available on the following dates/ times in 2023:

Please email 
info@k9central.ca or call 905-623-3940 if you have any questions or would like to book a pool rental.