The ultimate in pampering for the modern dog.

dog grooming at K9 central


At K9 Central, highly professional and accomplished pet stylists truly spoil your best friend. Our goal is to make this one of the best grooming experiences for you and your pet.



We offer a complete line of grooming services including:

  • Bath and Tidy – a basic tidy-up including face trim, feet, bottom and hygiene areas, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking.
  • Shave down – 1 inch to 1/8 inch in length including nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking.
  • Breed clip – styled to the standard breed profile.
  • Custom – Any client-preferred scissor clip.
  • Intro to Grooming for the Young Puppy (for Puppies under 5 months of age)- A fun 15-30 minute session with the groomer to expose your puppy to the sights, sounds and activities in the salon. The goal is to make puppy’s first grooming experience a positive one. Includes feet, face & nail trim and a quick brush out (no bath). 
  • Intro to Grooming (for Dogs 5 months of age and older): Includes feet, face & nail trim and a quick brush out (no bath). 
  • Tick Removal: $20 walk in (limit of 4 ticks), $6/per tick if found during groom
    ** Each service is priced according to the breed and size of your dog**
    *** For all grooming services an appointment must be made, we do not accept walk- ins.***

Grooming Process:

The day begins with lots of excitement as your dog is given a quick once over and if your dog has done daycare in the past they have the opportunity to play in the yard with the other canine guest before being bathed (for an additional fee). Equipped with hydro-surge massage, a bath at K9 Central helps your dog relax while stimulating and refreshing the coat and skin with a deep, healthy cleansing.

Once out of the bath, your best friend is blown dry and taken to have a quick nap. Back on the grooming table, your dog is given plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy.

Other Information:

Please note: that if your dog is matted, and brushing out causes undue stress, we will shave out the mats and go over brushing technique with you. If your dog is stressed during grooming, we will call you and develop a program to help your dog overcome his or her fears. An educated pet owner and a happy, healthy pet is one of the most satisfying feelings a groomer can have.

Our full service grooming salon is open 5- 7 days a week.

Each service is priced according to the breed and size of your dog. Questions? Please email us at or call us at 905-623-3940.

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