Doggie Daycare: 

This is when your dog spends the DAY at K9 Central

Why stay at home when you can play all day?!

daycare2K9 Central’s 6,000 sq. ft. heated/air conditioned play-all-day daycare and doggie gymnasium is state-of-the-art. Best of all, it’s adjoined by a fully secure 1/2 acre outdoor play yard laid with canine grass and gravel. Fresh air, country fun! Our staff monitors all group playtime to ensure a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for your ultimate K9.
Play time, meals, snacks, quiet time and nap times are all part of our daycare program. We divide our daycare into groups by play style and personality.



Please find our online daycare bookings here: Book Online

Our undesirable behavior management policies:
We use a time out method for dogs who are displaying undesirable behaviours.  
1) We will lead "Sparky"and our daycare supervisor will hold "Sparky" on leash until he settles down, once he/she is relaxed we will reintroduce him/her back  into play
2)We will put "Sparky" away in a time out run if unwated behaviour continues ( we will do this multiple times if needed)
3)If undesirable behaviours continue - "Sparky" will be put away for remainder of morning or afternoon.

Reservations are required. Please email or call 905-623-3940.

Play-All-Day Pass Plan: 

Daycare fees are based on a pass plan.
A daycare pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase
- One-Day Pass: $51.50 +HST
- Five-Day Pass: $190.00 +HST ($38.00/day
- Ten-Day Pass: $350.00 +HST ($35.00/day)
- Twenty-Day Pass: $640.00 +HST ($32.00/day)
- Additional Dogs: $26.00 +HST per day/ dog
- Half Days: $30.90 +HST 
- These rates & passes cannot be used and/ or apply towards overnight boarding

*We do not give refunds once a pass has been purchased*

One Time Assessment:

To ensure your dog is comfortable in a group environment, we require a one-time behavioural assessment session so that we can observe him or her in a play-all-day group. This assessment is a very important step to ensuring the safety of your dog, the dogs in our care and our employees. The assessment is done by our staff members that are trained in managing large groups of dogs.

A non-refundable $10.00 fee, plus the cost of a one day pass ($51.50) is charged at the time of application. An assessment does last a full day. We ask that you drop your dog off between 7AM- 9 AM and then pick up between 5 PM- 7PM. As well assessments are done Monday- Friday only, we do not take assessments on weekends, statutory holidays, Christmas break or during March break. The assesssment does have to be pre-booked as we don't take walk ins. For dogs to be able to do the Daycare program they have to be fully vaccinated (four months of age or older).

The assessment session proceeds as follows:

Step 1:Before assessing your dog we require you to fill out an application form that includes the dog’s history, including socialization and any known issues. You can fill this out at home and email it to us, or fill it out upon arrival.
Step 2:  Book an assessment time with the front office. Assessments are done Monday- Friday by appointment only.
Step 3:  On the day of the assessment your dog will first be assessed on how he interacts with our staff.  To assess his social skills with other dogs, we then slowly introduce your dog to a dog with outstanding social skills. We assess his body language, play behaviours and how he reacts during the first interaction. If your dog passes, then we slowly integrate him into one of our play groups according to your dog’s play style. Please keep in mind that the Play-All-Day program is not for every dog, your dog may be a social butterfly at home, but some dogs just simply become overwhelmed in a large group of dogs. If your dog is not fitting into the Play- All- Day Program, he will be removed and will be placed in our day boarding suites program. In this program your dog will receive individual attention and individual play from our Guest Services Attendant, or he may be assessed with a smaller group of dogs in our suites program at staff discretion. Please note: We do not keep collars or leashes on the dogs for safety reasons. Report Cards are given on the first day only.

Daycare Assessment Form:
Please fill the daycare application out. Bring the daycare application along with proof of vaccinations with you on the assessment day
Application: files/Daycare-Application.DOC
* All reservations for the assessment day must be prebooked, we do not take walk- ins.


Day Boarding Program:

In this program your dog will receive individual attention and individual play from our Guest Services Attendant, or he may be assessed with a smaller group of dogs in our suites program at staff discretion. For dogs that don't get along with other dogs, if your dog is over the intact age or your dog didn't pass the Daycare Assessment.
Day Boarding Cost:
- One Day: $35.00 + HST
- Ten day Pass: $300.00 + HST (Save $50)
- Pass is good for 2 months only
- These rates & passes do not apply to overnight boarding

Intact Males:

K9 Central’s cut-off age for intact males is between 6-8 months, or at staff discretion. This is for the safety of not only your dog, but all dogs in our care. Unaltered males release a certain amount of testosterone that other male dogs will take as a challenge that can actually trigger fights, putting all dogs in the program at great risk of injury.

Unspayed Females:

Unspayed females are able to do daycare as long as they are not about to start a heat cycle, are in heat or recently finished a heat cycle. This is for the safety of not only your dog, but all dogs in our care.

Daycare Hours:

Please Note:  All daycare must be pre-booked, we may not be able to accommodate all daycare requests
Full Day: Monday- Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m - Nap time is approximately 12 p.m. - 2 p.m  
*nap time may vary depending on the day - we occasionally run rotating nap times*
- Pick up not available from 12 p.m.- 2 p.m.
Half day: Monday- Friday: 7am-12pm or 2pm-7pm 
Weekends: Drop off 8 AM- 12 p.m. & Pick- Up between 5 p.m.- 7p.m.-
** Please note: These hours do not apply to boarding check in and check out times. Please refer to the Dog Boarding Check in and Check out times page. These hours are just when your dog is at K9 Central for the day**

***Daycare may not be available on Holidays, Summer Weekends and March Break - Please call*

Other Information:

- If you have your dog(s) reserved for daycare and don’t show up as scheduled we will be charging you for the day of daycare and/or taking the day off your dog’s daycare pass. The reservation must be cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.
- Late Pick up fees: 0- 30 Minutes= $10 + HST, after 7:30pM- your dog is required to board and you pay the overnight fee 

About K9 Grass:

Half of K9 Central’s play yard enjoys beautiful, soft canine grass year-round. The dogs love it because it’s easy on their paws and it’s cool and clean. The artificial grass is permeable, so any urine drains through the turf surface and feces can be removed easily. The other half is gravel which can cause your dog to get muddy (depending on the weather).  Please Note: we do our best to send your dog home clean. 


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