Two Dog Sports that are fast-paced and mentally stimulating for both you and your dog!!!

For those that may be new to competition obedience and rally-obedience, these two sports judge how well you and your dog work together as a team to perform specified, well-defined obedience routines.  By participating, you emphasize and create a strong bond between you and your dog.

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  • Novice Rally (Beginner)


    Intended to establish a strong and positive relationship between dogs and their handlers. Fast- paced and mentally stimulating for both the dog and handler.

    Instructor: Joan Reid or Mary MacKay
    Duration: 6 weeks/ 1 hour each week
    Pricing: $200.00 + HST (Frequent trainer discount does not apply & refunds will not be given after the start date)
    Prerequisite: Basic Manners (Bridging the Gap or Recall is optional) & your dog must listen to you
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    Start Date:
    Friday Sept 29 @ 6:00PM - Joan Reid

    Intermediate and Advance Rally

    In this class you will learn the rules and regulations needed to know when showing at this level. Intermediate level is performed on leash and the jump is not included in this level, the rest of the signs are the same as Advance. There are 24 new exercises/ stations at the Advance level, dogs will be working off leash.

    Price:$200.00 +tax

    Next Start Date: 

    Friday Sept 29/2023 @ 7:15PM

    Excellent and Masters Rally

    This class is for dogs that are working at these levels and are comfortable working off leash. The higher the level, the more difficult the exercises.

    Price:$200.00 +tax

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    Competition Novice Obedience: 

    Instructor: Mary MacKay
    Date: Wednesday August 9,2023
    Duration: 5 Weeks
    Price: $200.00 Plus HST *frequent trainer discount does not apply*

    Leash Requirement: 6 feet in length made of fabric or leather
    Collar Requirement: Flat buckle, martingale, or slip collar. Please discuss collar choice with your instructor

    Focus Exercises
    Heel on Leash with Focus
    Change of Pace
    Change of Direction
    Figure 8 Exercises with Cones
    Sit for Exam on Leash
    Group Sit/Down Stays

  • Competitive Rally (Advanced & Excellence)


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Click to watch a Rally-O demonstration by our very own Ultimate K9s  Performance Team