K9 Central now will now be offering Canine Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist: Julie Tremblay, REMT

Available Days: Please email: julie@tremblaymassage.ca

Initial Assessment:

- One- time fee of $15+ HST plus the cost of the massage

Cost of Massage:

- Small Dog (20 pounds and under):$45
- Medium- Large Dog: $60

Initial Assessment appointment Length:

- Small Dog Appointment Length: 45 minutes
- Medium- Large Dog Appointment Length: 1 Hour

Appointment Length after Initial Assessment:

- Small Dog (20 pounds and under): 30 minutes
- Medium- Large Dog: 45 minutes

** Packaging available and short specific appointments available depending on situation (for follow ups only)***

Is massage right for my dog?

There is no question that massage-style body work will help canine athletes involved in physically challenging sports such as agility, flyball and frisbee.  Dogs who help us live our lives safely such as guide dogs, search and rescue, police dogs also enjoy great benefits from one on one time having someone give back to them. Not to forget companion dogs who are getting older, are injured or who are recovering from surgery. Unlike humans, dogs are not able to tell us when they are hurting, but here are some things to watch for:
- Stumbling, dragging a foot or limping
- Showing shortened stride
- Seems to be unhappy or depressed
- Is laying down more than normal
- Appears unable to get comfortable
- Is panting without exertion
- Showing signs of stiffness
- Is not able to get up easily from laying down

Your dog could be experiencing pain caused by stress points, trigger points, muscle spasm/tension ect. which can be helped greatly by massage.

Benefits of Canine Massage:

- Improve circulation of blood and lymph which has a resulting
- Increase in oxygenation and nutrient availability while removing metabolic waste from the tissues and cells in the body
- Release contracted muscles
- Increase flexibility and elasticity by loosening muscle fibres
- Improve movement and range of motion thereby decreasing gait restrictions
- Promote relaxation of the nervous and musculo-skeletal systems
- Releases stress and tension
- Increases performance level at shows and events
- Reduces recovery time from injury and surgery
- Help alleviate physiological and psychological problems
- Bring about an all-around improvement in mind, body and spirit
- Increase the sense of trust within dogs who are rescued from unfortunate life scenarios

About Julie:

Julie Tremblay, REMT has always had a passion for animals. Julie grew up around animals and at the age of eight started horseback riding which has become a lifelong passion. After completing a high school Co-op and then working in a large animal Veterinary Clinic (with specialization in Equine Medicine), Julie realized her future career lay in providing care to animals. Her compassionate and caring personality has led Julie to pursue a career in equine massage therapy with the main focus being on preventive maintenance as well as therapeutic massage.  After completing the intensive Equine Massage Therapy Program and graduating with the Academic Achievement Award and the Ambassador Award from the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario Julie completed her board exams to become a recognized Registered Equine Massage Therapist (REMT).  Julie has been practicing as an Equine Massage Therapist since 2012 with a strong client base throughout central Ontario. Since starting her business Julie found many of her equine clients began inquiring about massage for their dogs as well. The REMT program not only provided Julie with an in-depth understanding of equine therapy but also equipped her with the knowledge and skills to provide canine massage therapy.

For more Information:

- www.tremblaymassage.ca
- julie@tremblaymassage.ca
- info@k9central.ca

Please call our office at 905-623-3940 to book an appointment!




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