K9 Central now will now be offering Canine Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist:  Cassandra Levy B.Ed, CCAS, CPCFT, CMT

Available Days: Please email: mobeezus@gmail.com or text 416-575-1163

Initial Consultation, Assessment & Massage.
$80 (approximately 90 minutes)

$65 for 45 minutes – 1 hr

Massage Package 1
3 session

Massage Package 2
6 sessions


Is massage right for my dog?

There is no question that massage-style body work will help canine athletes involved in physically challenging sports such as agility, flyball and frisbee.  Dogs who help us live our lives safely such as guide dogs, search and rescue, police dogs also enjoy great benefits from one on one time having someone give back to them. Not to forget companion dogs who are getting older, are injured or who are recovering from surgery. Unlike humans, dogs are not able to tell us when they are hurting, but here are some things to watch for:
- Stumbling, dragging a foot or limping
- Showing shortened stride
- Seems to be unhappy or depressed
- Is laying down more than normal
- Appears unable to get comfortable
- Is panting without exertion
- Showing signs of stiffness
- Is not able to get up easily from laying down

Your dog could be experiencing pain caused by stress points, trigger points, muscle spasm/tension ect. which can be helped greatly by massage.

Benefits of Canine Massage:

- Improve circulation of blood and lymph which has a resulting
- Increase in oxygenation and nutrient availability while removing metabolic waste from the tissues and cells in the body
- Release contracted muscles
- Increase flexibility and elasticity by loosening muscle fibres
- Improve movement and range of motion thereby decreasing gait restrictions
- Promote relaxation of the nervous and musculo-skeletal systems
- Releases stress and tension
- Increases performance level at shows and events
- Reduces recovery time from injury and surgery
- Help alleviate physiological and psychological problems
- Bring about an all-around improvement in mind, body and spirit
- Increase the sense of trust within dogs who are rescued from unfortunate life scenarios

About Cassandra Levy:
My German Shepherd Delilah is the inspiration behind my passion for Canine Fitness Conditioning and Massage Therapy. When Delilah was a young dog, she had a freak accident while training and she flipped herself over, and bruised her scapula and incurred soft tissue injuries in her deltoids, and supraspinatus muscles. It was unknown at that point if Delilah would fully recover, and whether or not she would ever be able to compete at high level. With the help of a very well respected Veterinarian Rehabilitation Facility, and 3 months of extensive Rehab, Delilah not only fully recovered, but she came back stronger, fitter and better than she was before her injury. This inspired me to become educated to help maintain the condition that Delilah had achieved, and to learn how to create fitness plans for my own dogs to help prevent injuries and attain peak physical fitness for the rigours of their particular sports.
As my knowledge in these areas grew, so did my passion, and I knew that I wanted to help other dog and handler teams learn how to prevent injuries, and maximize their physical performance in all areas of dog sports.
I am continuously striving to expand upon my education in the fields of canine fitness, and massage therapy and I have vast experience with the different techniques and equipment available for conditioning canine athletes. I strive to bring balance between natural movements and activities for the dogs, and the more structured and carefully trained fitness exercises. I believe the best canine conditioning strategies allow the dogs to spend a lot time being dogs, running, playing and jumping in normal day to day activities, in addition to being well trained and having structured, well planned workouts.
I offer personal coaching and will create fully customized training programs for dogs in many different dog sports. I have worked with Agility dogs, IGP and protection sport dogs, Flyball, Dock Diving and Disc dogs. I have competed in most of these sports with dogs of my own, and I fully understand the specific physical demands placed on the athletes in each of these venues.

For more Information:

- www.delilahsdenofzen.ca
- info@k9central.ca

Please email mobeezus@gmail.com to book and assessment or text 416-575-1163




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