Private Training:

*Please Note: Prices listed are for just one dog, if a second or third dog is in the private they will receive 20% off the price listed
* Each Session lasts an hour unless stated otherwise
* Appointments must be pre-arranged
* Payments must be made up front for all sessions
* In- home Training: Price may increase based on location
*Consultations: Consist of the trainer assessing your dog and discussing a training plan. 

Obedience Privates:

½ hour: $55 + HST
1 hour: $90 + HST

Behavioural Therapy Training (Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Impulse Control, Movement Sensitivity etc...)

1 hour: $100 + HST- half hour not Available
4 sessions: $90 + HST per session= $360 + HST ($40 savings)
8 Sessions: $80 + HST per session= $640 + HST ($160 savings)

Social Hour for "Aggressive" / "Sensitive" Dogs:

Is your dog unsure of how to play/ socialize with other dogs? Have they had an altercation with another dog? Are they extremely nervous of other dogs? K9 Central is now offering a one on one social hour. Drop off your dog for 1 hour and K9 Central training staff will work on slowly introducing and socializing your dog with other dogs of different temperaments in a positive/rewarding environment.
1 hour: $100 + HST - half hour not available
4 sessions: $90 + HST per session= $360 + HST ($40 savings)
** For further details please email:

In-Home Private Training:

In-Home training gives us the opportunity to work one on one and address any issues you are having. The first time we meet - we will go over any issues or concerns you may be having with your dog. We will then work on the skills required to help manage and solve those issues.

Consultation (1 hour): $150.00 + HST- half hour not Available
* Price may increase depending on location
*Consultation fee is waived if you have already done a 4 or 8 week private package at K9 Central.

Follow-Up In-Home Privates:

The follow-up lessons are more hands on and we will now take the skills we learned and put them into use in the "real world" and in "real life" situations.
1 Hour: $150 + HST
4 sessions: $130 + HST per session= $480 + HST ($80 savings)  
8 Sessions: $120 + HST per session= $880 + HST ($240  savings)

Puppy Consultations:

Now offering In-Home Puppy Consultations before or after you bring your puppy home to help get you prepared to raise a well-mannered puppy! We will cover everything you need to know from crate training, potty training, to basic behaviors. We will also go over puppy problem prevention. 
1 hour to 1 ½ hours: $150 + HST
* Puppy Manual Included

The Ultimate Puppy Package:

For Puppies under 20 weeks (5 months). After you initial Puppy Consultation - let’s keep the training going! Puppies learn new behaviours every day. Let's be positive they are the behavior's we want! Puppies learn both bad and good habits - depending on what we do with them and what we let them get away with. Our Ultimate Puppy Training will help to speed up the training progress with your puppy and help prepare your puppy to become your dream dog! We want to prevent unwanted behaviours and to ensure your puppy doesn’t learn bad habits that you will later have to un-train. This program is offered on a one-on-one basis in order to ensure that it is completely tailored for your puppy and your training goals!This program is perfect for all puppies and owners that want to get off to the right start. 
4 sessions: $120 + HST per session= $480 + HST ($80 savings)

Private Training Cancellation Policy:
48 hours prior to private = No charge
24 hours prior to private = 50 % charge
Less than 24 hours prior to private = 100% charge                          

Please call 905-623-3940 or email to book an appointment.