Jumping, running, weaving, tunnels, see-saws, A-frames!

This is the sport of agility.

Challenging the dog and the handler, the sport of agility  requires you to work as a team to negotiate a series of obstacles as fast as you can. Dogs of all sizes and ages can compete. It’s never too early or too late to enter this fun, competitive arena.

Duration: All Agility classes are 6 weeks/ 60 minutes each week
Pricing: $195.00 + HST (Refunds will not be given after the start date)

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**Once the weather is nice some agility classes will be taught outside, the instructor will let the class know during the first lesson**- Outdoor classes are cancelled only if it is thundering and lightening out** 

Agility Club Nights 2017: 

Cost $10 + HST, $5 + HST for an additional dog from the same family
*Please pay at back field with cash**
What is Club Night? 
- A way for people and canines with agility experience to practice
- Two different agility courses set up. Dog/ handlers will take turns on the courses for up to two minutes per turn. Run the course or practice specific skills
Dates for Summer 2018:

Time: 6:30 PM- 8:00 PM 
* Will only be cancelled if thundering and lightening out


Agility Basic skills

  • Beginner Agility (Introduction to Agility)

    Agility is a great way to build your dog’s self confidence. Through positive motivation and teamwork, you and your ultimate K9 will learn to work together and develop your relationship by ‘shaping’ basic agility skills.

    This course will give you a basic introduction to agility. The emphasis will be on motivating your dog, the proper use of rewards, recalls, running and sending, control and release of behaviours, handling, and targeting.
    We will also introduce the following agility equipment: chute, weaves, jumps, target boards and tunnels.
    * Keeping the young dogs in mind, all equipment will be kept at a low height.

    Instructors: Sharon Dunsmore or Jay Devitt
    Prerequisite: Dogs must be 6 months or older, Basic Manners (Bridging the Gap or Recall is optional) and your dog must listen to you off leash
    Next Start Dates:
    - Saturday January 13/2018 @ 10:00AM - No class Feb 2/2018 - Jay Devitt


  • Agility: Intermediate, Advanced & Masters

    These three levels work together to form one cohesive whole. Dog and handler teams must be proficient at each level before they go to the next level.

    Instructors: Sharon Dunsmore or Jay Devitt

    Intermediate Agility:

    At this level we will continue to work on getting the contacts to full height, introduce basic Handling Manoeuvers & Jump Work using Grids. All equipment will be introduced at this level while focusing on building control & speed as the dogs becomes more confident in their skills.
    Prerequisite: Beginner Agility & Your dog must be able to focus on you in a distracting environment.
    Next Start Date
    - TBA

    Intermediate/Advanced Combined:

    This level will focus on building your handling skills through short sequences, while working on and maintaining solid contacts and weave performance. Advanced Handling skills will be introduce and practiced
    Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility or your dog has been introduced to most of the Agility Equipment. Your dog must be able to focus on you in a distracting environment.
    Next Start Date:
    - Saturday January 13/2018 @ 11:00AM - No Class Feb 2/2018 - Jay Devitt


    We will continue to build your skills running sequences, practicing a variety of Handling Maneuvers including International Style Handling, obstacle discrimination, directionals, & distance work
    Prerequisite: Your dog is able to do of the Agility Equipment Your dog must be able to focus on you in a distracting environment.
    Next Start Date:
    - TBA

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