Add On Services:


Extra Group Playtime: For Friendly and Social Dogs

Spoil your dog with extra playtime in a country setting. All group playtimes take place in our large outdoor fenced yard, always supervised by our qualified and loving staff. During group play we will match your dog with other dogs of similar size and playstyle to ensure they enjoy their playtime to the fullest.

Price: $15+tax for 20 mins.


Extra Individual Palytime: For Independent Dogs

If your dog is not a social butterfly, you can still spoil them with extra individual playtimes. All individual playtimes are supervised by our loving staff. During individual playtime our staff will be interacting one on one with your pet. They can play fetch, get love and cuddles or run around as they please in our large, outdoor fenced yard.

Price: $15+tax for 20 mins.


Country Walk

Let you dog enjoy enjoy the many smells of the country. This scenic walk around our 5 acres will give your dog the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, well getting exercise and spending quality time with one of our staff.

Price: $15+tax for 10 mins.


Country Swim

Our country swims are great for those hot summer days. Our outdoor 40 feet long X 4 feet deep pool is a great way for your dog to cool down and get some low impact exercise.

Our pool is open May-October (weather dependant)

Price: $20+tax for 20 mins.


Kong Stuffing

Who doesn't love Peanut Butter and Cheerios? 

Your dog can enjoy this tasty treat over lunch while in their own individual runs.

Price: $5+tax/kong


Basic Obedience Training (during daycare only)

Let our trainers help strengthen your dogs basic obedience skills while with us.

We can work on exercises such as: sit, down, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, controlled entries, etc.

Price: $30+tax for 30 mins.


Behaviour Modification (during daycare )

Our Karen Pryor Academy : Certified Professional Dog Trainers will work with your dogs behavioural issues. 

This includes: Rescource guarding, leash reacitivy, and more.

Price: $45+tax for 30 mins.



At K9 Central, highly professional and accomplished pet stylists truly spoil your best friend. 

Our goal is to make this one of the best grooming experiences for you and your pet.  

Prices are dependent on breed and style



Let's visit the SPAW before you pick them up from their vacation with us.
Baths are available depending on your dogs coat condition.


Small Dog (ex:Shih Tzu): $25.00+tax
Medium Dog (ex:Beagle - Short Coat Spaniel): $35.00+tax
Large Dog (ex:Lab): $40.00+tax
X-Large Dog (ex: Great Dane,Mastiff): $45.00 - $50.00+tax

Coated Dogs (ex. Golden Ret, short coat doodle) $45.00 - $50.00+tax


Nail Trim
Dogs should have their nails trimmed every one-two months, though some may require nail trims more often. 


$12+tax : Small Dogs
$18+tax : Medium/Large Dogs