Taunya MacAveila

Title: Guest Service Attendant 

About Taunya:

Taunya started working at K9 Central Pet Resort Training and Spa Inc. in June of 2014. Taunya works in the K9 suites and K9 Play All Day/ Daycare programs. Taunya went to Sir Sandford Fleming College and completed a combined Diploma in Ecosystem Management and Fish and Wildlife Technician. 


After she graduated she interned at the Ministry of Natural Resources as a wildlife biologist assistant.  During the time that she was an intern she also volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator. After her internship she worked as a pet trainer and continued to work in the pet care industry as a kennel attendant, groomer assistant and animal pathologist lab assistant. She also worked with rescue dogs for many years specializing in miniature Australian Shepherds. She currently owns 5 Aussies, their names are: Willie, Stinx, Beau, Bader and Pawsom. As well as four turtles which are trained in turtle dock diving. Taunya is no stranger to K9 Central; in fact from 2002 to 2005 she used to manage the doggy daycare program at K9 Central (formerly Super Dog Central Inc.) From 2005 to 2008 she was a supervisor and trainer of a dogsledding kennel up north.  She also worked with wolf biologists and studied wolf behavior in captivity and in the wild. When Taunya moved back to Durham Region she heard we were looking for a K9 Guest Service Attendant and brought her knowledge of canine behavior back to k9 Central. Taunya enjoys learning and will always continue to develop her animal care skills; in November of 2014 Taunya took her pet first aid certification where she learned the proper way to care for sick or injured animals until they are able to get veterinary treatment. Taunya continues to learn and grow through the help and tutoring of her fellow employees.