Small Dog/ Puppy Socials for 2018:
Dates: * Some of these dates may change - Please keep checking the website!
Saturday November 3/2018  @ 2:00PM
Saturday November 10/2018 @ 2:00PM
Saturday November 17/2018 @ 2:00PM
Saturday November 24/2018 @ 2:00PM
Saturday December 15/2018 @ 2:00PM 

Cost: $10 + HST for the first dog, $5 + HST for any additional dogs
** Dogs must be in the same family for the $5 any additional dog deal**

- For Small Dogs: 20 lb or less and Puppies 6 Months or younger
- All dogs that arrive for the social run around, play and socialize with each other in the training hall
- No registration required
- If you have never been here before, please arrive 15-20 mins early on your FIRST visit so we can create a file and add your dogs vaccination records to the file!