Roxy, a golden retreiver  poodle mix, came to us as an owner-surrender. Within a very short time, Roxywas rehomed to a wonderful family that just love her to bits. Here is their latest email to us:
“Well everything is working out just great. Roxy seems very settled and has found all the softest spots in the house. She is always wagging her tail and likes lots of attention. She is fascinated with squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies etc. Her appetite is good and her eye infection seems to be gone now. We had the vet check her over and took her to the groomer for a bath and quick clean up. All went well. We are walking her with a gentle leader and she is accepting that quite well. Sadie and Roxy are starting to play with each other with toys. I can see we will have to find the most indestructible toys made as they make short work of them. They follow each other everywhere; if one moves the other moves. Sadie shows off several times a day in the pool but Roxy shows no interest in swimming yet. They are both so easy going. We almost feel like Roxy was always here. So far seems to be a perfect fit. I don’t know why anyone would give Roxy up but it is our gain for sure.”
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