Piper was surrendered to us because, at approximately one year old, she had unusually high energy and was quite, well, bouncy.  But this is what her new family adored about her! This is what they said after a few days:  ”Hey Standard Poodle Rescue just a quick email to let you know our girl Piper is perfect as ever!  She has proven to be everything we ever wanted and more!  She now can run (and I mean run) out back with us off leash (invisible fence collar on of course), she comes when called and has definitely had extensive obedience training!  She heels perfectly on her walks and sits when you gently pull up on her collar/leash.  She “counter surfs” which we find hilarious because our kitchen has never been so clean!  She absolutely worships all of us but is especially close to Scottie (14).  She sleeps with him everynight and divebombs us all when we come home.  One day we will work on that jumping up thing but just haven’t had the heart to yet.  Most she has been left alone is maybe 1/2 an hour all day so not much opportunity to get into trouble.  She is just a hoot and we all love her dearly!  Poor thing can’t even sleep on the couch without one of us going on and on and on to her about how beautiful she is.  Sigh,,,,, the life of a standard!“ 

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