Jennifer LaflammeTitle: Guest Service Attendant

About Jennifer:

Jennifer started working at K9 Central Pet Resort Training and Spa Inc. in September of 2009. Jennifer or “Jenn” as staff call her works in the K9 Play- All- Day/ Daycare program. Jenn has always loved animals from a young age and has owned several dogs of her own. 


She has a natural knack for understanding animal behaviour. She understands the importance of why dogs should socialize properly and what a dog’s body language is telling other dogs. Jenn took her pet first aid certification in May of 2012. In the course she learned the proper way to care for sick or injured animals until they are able to get veterinary treatment. Jenn passed her written and practical test with flying colours in order to obtain her pet first aid certification. Jenn enjoys learning and she will always continue to develop her animal care skills; she plans on getting her recertification in Pet First Aid in 2015. Jenn’s favourite dog breeds are Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and German Shepherds; she currently owes a 1 ½ year old German Shepard named Karma. Jenn is also a great photographer and is K9 Central’s main photographer for the picture boards that we have set up in the reception office. Each season Jenn manages to capture the dogs in their glory so we can proudly display them for clientele. Jenn continues to learn and grow through the help and tutoring of her fellow employees. She is aware that every dog has their own quirks and is always honest when reviewing how your dog was when staying at K9 Central Pet Resort Training and Spa Inc.