Darla is a puppy mill survivor from one of the worst millers in Ontario. And yet. Here she is. Sweet. Happy. Eager to please.
Darla is doing really well in her new home. She follows her new best friend everywhere (except up or down stairs).  They are very happy together.
Here is another update: “Hi, I thought you might all like to see a couple of photos of Darla in her new habitat… She’s very happy. She is on a second round of antibiotics for infected anal glands but that has not affected her sweet temperament. We have only heard her bark 4 times since we got her and each time was one quiet “woof”. She’s perfect.”
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Bella the Weimaraner

Bella is a beautiful Weimaraner that just didn’t fit in the household that she was in. Another case of people not properly researching the breed. Bella was adopted by an extremely active young couple that could meet and nuture Bella’s true personality.

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Chloe And Her Puppies

Chloe was found abandoned in North Kingston, Ontario, alone and scared — so scared that she wouldn’t come to anyone. Once caught, though, and taken to the Kingston Humane Society, it became quickly apparent that Chloe was pregnant. Not able to properly manage pregnant animals, the Kingston Humane Society asked Morgan Jarvis if she could bring Chloe in. Of course!
Chloe is a beautiful little lab cross, that enjoys life! She is the sweetest little dog. On Friday, March 23 Chloe gave birth to eight healthy puppies that were all adopted out. Please view her gallery below for photos of this extremely heartwarming time for Standard Poodle Rescue.

Porto and Chablis

Porto and Chablis came to us because of a death in their family. Well loved, these two have been together for most of their lives, living with their elderly owner in Quebec. Unfortunately their owner was diagnosed with cancer and he  passed away.
We adopted these two lovely dogs to one family. They are quite bonded and are so cute together!


Ringo, our stunning, 8 year old Standard Poodle, has been adopted out.
Very lovable, Ringo was afraid of the big, bad world! It’s almost as if every situation was new to him.
In foster care he became more confident and was a doll in the house. And now he has gone into that big bad world he was so scared of and into the loving arms of a fabulous new home. We hear he is doing absolutely wonderfully.
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