At under two years of age, Sully the cutest little mini-doodle, was just full of beans. Active, fun and always looking for something to get into! A puppy in other words. As cute as he was, he had developed some guarding issues and so he was given up and placed with us at Standard Poodle Rescue. We laughed with him, worked with him, and helped him to control this unwanted behaviour. He found the best home imaginable and they found the best little friend they could possibly want.

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Wonderful  Simba. Gorgeous.  Sweet. Definitely a head turner. But he had Addison’s disease.  Our supporters at Standard Poodle Rescue stepped up for this beautiful boy and got him the care that he needed. As a result of this overwhelming and completely humbling response, Standard Poodle Rescue was able to place Simba in the absolutely most perfect home. Here he will be able to live out his life with love, laughter and the care he needs.  A happy tail indeed.

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Violet was Standard Poodle Rescue’s absolute darling. Violet lived the first six years of her life in a puppy mill. Due to bad breeding and exacerbated by poor nutrition and lack of mobility, Violet has patellar luxation in her hind legs.  Her odd gait and occasional lameness just caused Violet’s foster Mom to love her even more.   From a scared, shy little dog, Violet  really came out of her shell and has been adopted by the kindest, most wonderful family. And so our Violet, the snuggler of snugglers, has left our little rescue. Snuggle on little Violet!

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Little Cooper.  So adorable. Cooper came from a puppy mill in Quebec. At four years old he was severely emaciated, in ill health and desperately afraid of everything. Cooper was adopted to a loving home that nurtured him, brought him back to health and let his spirit grow and take flight.  In his old home he never really got out of the habit of peeing in the house. You see, when they got Cooper two years ago, they were more focused on bringing him back to mental and physical health than on insisting on being house trained.
With heavy hearts, Cooper’s first adoptive house gave him into Standard Poodle Rescue, believing that a new home could reinforce new behaviour. A wonderful foster family stepped up and worked with Cooper for five months, loved him (adored him actually) and took note of his triggers.
Now Cooper is on the next step of his journey. We grew to love, admire and laugh with our little schmoopie Coopie. Have a great life little one!
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Daisy came to us through Kismutt Rescue, a small organization in the Kitchener-Waterloo area that works to rescue dogs from Amish puppy mills. When Daisy first arrived she was scared and shy. Her foster family took her into their lives and taught her that only good things awaited her. And indeed that’s true because Daisy is enjoying life in Kingston with a wonderful family that has a little mini-poodle that looks exactly like her! It was love at first sight.

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Tina is a ten-month old poodle X schnauzer mix.  She was just too high energy for the older couple that adopted her and so they placed her in our loving hands knowing that we will find the right family for her. And we did!

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Super cute little Wally is an owner-surrender. Wally’s former owner gave him up because she felt her children were far too rough for this mild-mannered dog. Sweet, gentle and a cuddler, Wally has found the perfect home with a family that just simply dotes on him.

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Leila came to us from New York State. She was given up by a back yard breeder that had severely neglected her for much of her life. As soon as she got here she developed a very bad case of kennel cough that nearly killed her! Oh my goodness. What a worry that was.
Leila is loving with a good sense of humour. Always willing to go for a walk or a rough and tumble play session.  Leila won our hearts and she won her new family’s hearts as well. Live well, Leila!
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Roxy, a golden retreiver  poodle mix, came to us as an owner-surrender. Within a very short time, Roxywas rehomed to a wonderful family that just love her to bits. Here is their latest email to us:
“Well everything is working out just great. Roxy seems very settled and has found all the softest spots in the house. She is always wagging her tail and likes lots of attention. She is fascinated with squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies etc. Her appetite is good and her eye infection seems to be gone now. We had the vet check her over and took her to the groomer for a bath and quick clean up. All went well. We are walking her with a gentle leader and she is accepting that quite well. Sadie and Roxy are starting to play with each other with toys. I can see we will have to find the most indestructible toys made as they make short work of them. They follow each other everywhere; if one moves the other moves. Sadie shows off several times a day in the pool but Roxy shows no interest in swimming yet. They are both so easy going. We almost feel like Roxy was always here. So far seems to be a perfect fit. I don’t know why anyone would give Roxy up but it is our gain for sure.”
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Caz came to us through desperate circumstances. A bankrupt puppy miller, knowing that we had caught wind of her activities, had fled to Manitoba leaving one dog, Caz, and a few other animals behind.
Caz was found in the unheated farmhouse, trapped in a crate with no food or water. Badly matted and covered in feces, Caz was likely in this crate for more than 24 hours before Homeward Bound Rescue discovered her.
While the puppy miller fled, she was eventually turned in by her neighbours in Winnipeg. And so Caz has some justice.
Here is a video of Caz the day she was found abandoned and alone in the farmhouse, brought to SuperDog Central and entered into our rescue program.
Caz has found a home and a family that gives her the fierce love, affection and respect that she has missed all of her life. Caz will be remembered in our rescue as the golden-eyed girl that won our hearts!


Willie (also known as Mr. Handsome) was found stray and dropped off at SuperDog Central to board until his owners came looking for him. Much to everyone’s surprise, nobody came for him.

Young, male, border collie cross with lots of energy, Willie was perfect for a family that liked the outdoors. As a bonus, the dirt just falls off of his silky, beautiful coat. And guess what happened? Willie was adopted by a family that loves the outdoors. Here is what Willie’s new family told us: ” Just an update on Willie / Oakley. Since we picked him up in July we have had a blast getting to know Oakley. He is the perfect dog for our family. We spent all but 3 days at the cottage. He is the water dog we hoped for. ” Oh Willie, we are so happy for you!
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Piper was surrendered to us because, at approximately one year old, she had unusually high energy and was quite, well, bouncy.  But this is what her new family adored about her! This is what they said after a few days:  ”Hey Standard Poodle Rescue just a quick email to let you know our girl Piper is perfect as ever!  She has proven to be everything we ever wanted and more!  She now can run (and I mean run) out back with us off leash (invisible fence collar on of course), she comes when called and has definitely had extensive obedience training!  She heels perfectly on her walks and sits when you gently pull up on her collar/leash.  She “counter surfs” which we find hilarious because our kitchen has never been so clean!  She absolutely worships all of us but is especially close to Scottie (14).  She sleeps with him everynight and divebombs us all when we come home.  One day we will work on that jumping up thing but just haven’t had the heart to yet.  Most she has been left alone is maybe 1/2 an hour all day so not much opportunity to get into trouble.  She is just a hoot and we all love her dearly!  Poor thing can’t even sleep on the couch without one of us going on and on and on to her about how beautiful she is.  Sigh,,,,, the life of a standard!“ 

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Molson came to us with guarding issues. A big, beautiful standard poodle, he just had to learn to relax a little bit. We’ve worked with him, played with him, laughed with him and trained with him. And now he has gone out into the world on a new adventure.

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