We are actively looking for an experienced groomer that can work evenings and weekends.

Training Team

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement. It all starts here. But when you couple positive, reward-based reinforcement with simple shaping techniques and exercises, wow, true communication between the dog and their humans starts to happen! This is the moment we live for. If you have the same passion for training and are just as passionate about teaching and inspiring people, we would like to hear from you.

Retail and Sales Team

People that thrive in a multi-tasking environment and are good communicators will love this position. You will assist customers with booking the right boarding, grooming and play-all-day packages for their SuperDog as well as helping them find the right training class that meets their needs. You will also assist them with finding the right products–from nutritional needs to fun, stimulating toys and treats that will motivate their SuperDog to learn. A background in canine behaviour and training is welcome but not essential.

Boarding and Play-All-Day Assistants

Without a doubt, dogs like to play. Play, run and have fun. We are looking for people that would like to entertain, but also provide the utmost care and attention to dogs that are boarding with us or enrolled in our daycare. But to be honest, dogs like to do other things too. So to enjoy this job, you will need to have strong knowledge of dog behaviour and willing to attend to certain aspects of dog bodily functions that may be, well, stinky.


This is an entry-level position that nevertheless requires a level of skill,  attention to detail and the ability to work with dogs. We are willing to work with and train you if you have no experience bathing dogs.

Where do I apply?

Send your resume to