Meet the Boarding/Daycare Attendants

Title: Guest Service Attendant

About Emily:

Emily started working at K9 Central Pet Resort Training and Spa Inc. in August of 2015. Since Emily was a young girl she has always loved animals and had a strong passion to work with them. She works in the Play- All Day/ Daycare and Suite programs.

Emily first started working with animals in High School when she did a cooperative education placement at a veterinary clinic. Emily enjoys learning and will always continue to develop her animal care skills; she is in the process of completing the mandatory in-house training program taught by K9 Central Daycare/ Boarding Manager and behaviourist Brenna Wilson. The course covers proper dog socialization, body language and behaviour theory. Emily treats every dog at K9 Central like they are her own; she enjoys spending extra playtime and hanging out with all the dogs on a daily basis. Throughout her life Emily has owned pets including dogs, cats, reptiles and other small furry friends. Emily currently owns Buddy a ten year old Border Collie and she just welcomed Ava, a twelve week old Chihuahua into her fur family. Emily continues to learn and grow through the help and tutoring of her fellow employees. She is aware that every dog has their own quirks and is always honest when reviewing how your dog was when staying at K9 Central Pet Resort Training and Spa Inc.