Intro to Canine Conditioning and Injury Prevention Seminar

  • Improve performance in your canine athlete
  • Correctly and safely warm up and cool down your dog before, and after each workout.
  • Increase strength and power in your dog’s performances
  • Prevent injuries for your Canine athlete
  • Improve overall flexibility and core strength
  • Learn how to set goals that can be achieved within the upcoming sport season
  • Set a training plan to improve all of the above and more

This seminar will teach you and your canine athlete the exercises and routines needed to keep them performing at their best while trialing for many years to come. 

Instructor: Cassie Levy B.Ed., BA Psych, CPCFT, CMT.
Please register online at or 905-623-3940

Date: Sunday February 6/2022

Time: 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Price: $95.00 + tax