We will be opening up our Pet Spa and would like to share some Protocols and Procedures with our clients. Please contact us at info@k9central.ca or 905-623-3940 to reserve your appointment if you do not already have one.

Please adhere to the following:

We ask our clients to wait in their vehicles until the client ahead of you is finished dropping off their pet.

  • All grooming animals will be admitted through the main door of our facility.
  • For a contact-free drop off please visit the window to the left of the main entrance and stand in the box 2ft away from the window while waiting for your Pet Stylist.
  • The Pet Stylist will take instructions and ask you to enter the building with your pet. Once in the building, we ask that you close the door securely behind you. You will take off your pet's belongings leash, collar, etc inside the fenced area.
  • You will then exit the building leaving your pet inside the fenced area securely closing the door.
  • Once you have left the building our Pet Stylist will call or retrieve your pet from the fenced area.
  • When our Pet stylist has completed your pet grooming appointment they will contact you by telephone. We ask all clients to come within 15 minutes of your call unless otherwise noted by your Pet Stylist.
  • Once you arrive please alert the front desk with a phone call and wait at the window to the left of the door, your Pet Stylist will retrieve your pet and will place them in the same fenced area where you had dropped off. Our Pet stylist will have you enter, once you place your pet leash and collar you may safely exit the building.
  • Please note all payments will be done with a credit card, debit or e-transfer only

We are doing our best to spray and sanitize the doors in between clients, we will try to have hand sanitizer and wipes available to our clients at all times, however, we recommend you carry some along with you in your vehicle just in case.
We ask you not to visit the property if you answer yes to any of the following questions on this
link. https://k9central.ca/don-t-enter-office-if-267

For more COVID 19 Updates please visit our website at https://k9central.ca/covid-19-updates/