Drop off hours are between 7-9am and pick up between 5-7pm. Monday -Friday and 8-10am 5-7pm Sat/Sunday upon request.

We ask all clients to drop off at the play all day building at the back of the property. For a contact-free drop off please ring the bell and wait for a staff member to come to the door. The staff member will then invite you and your dog into the yard, we ask you to close the gate securely behind you. You will take off your dogs leash and collar inside the fenced area. A staff member will call your dog into the building for a full day of play. Once your dog is inside the building, please leave the gated area closing the gate securely behind you. If you will be leaving any dog food we are asking you put it in a disposable bag and label it with your dog's name on it and place it in the bin provided. We are doing our best to spray the fence in between clients, we will try to have hand sanitizer available to our clients at all times, however, we recommend you carry some along with you in your vehicle just in case.

We ask you not to visit the property if you answer yes to any of the following questions on this link. https://k9central.ca/don-t-enter-office-if-267

For more COVID 19 Updates please visit our website at https://k9central.ca/covid-19-updates/