Little Cooper.  So adorable. Cooper came from a puppy mill in Quebec. At four years old he was severely emaciated, in ill health and desperately afraid of everything. Cooper was adopted to a loving home that nurtured him, brought him back to health and let his spirit grow and take flight.  In his old home he never really got out of the habit of peeing in the house. You see, when they got Cooper two years ago, they were more focused on bringing him back to mental and physical health than on insisting on being house trained.
With heavy hearts, Cooper’s first adoptive house gave him into Standard Poodle Rescue, believing that a new home could reinforce new behaviour. A wonderful foster family stepped up and worked with Cooper for five months, loved him (adored him actually) and took note of his triggers.
Now Cooper is on the next step of his journey. We grew to love, admire and laugh with our little schmoopie Coopie. Have a great life little one!
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