Caz came to us through desperate circumstances. A bankrupt puppy miller, knowing that we had caught wind of her activities, had fled to Manitoba leaving one dog, Caz, and a few other animals behind.
Caz was found in the unheated farmhouse, trapped in a crate with no food or water. Badly matted and covered in feces, Caz was likely in this crate for more than 24 hours before Homeward Bound Rescue discovered her.
While the puppy miller fled, she was eventually turned in by her neighbours in Winnipeg. And so Caz has some justice.
Here is a video of Caz the day she was found abandoned and alone in the farmhouse, brought to SuperDog Central and entered into our rescue program.
Caz has found a home and a family that gives her the fierce love, affection and respect that she has missed all of her life. Caz will be remembered in our rescue as the golden-eyed girl that won our hearts!
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