Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season

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Christmas DogWinter is in the air and that means that the holidays are just around the corner.  It's time to pull out the decorations and hit the mall for all of your holiday shopping.  It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the season, but it's important to take special care to ensure that your dogs stay safe this holiday season.

Christmas and the holidays present new dangers that your pets are not normally exposed to, and that's why it's essential to keep them in mind while decorating and laying out the presents.

Poinsettias are a beautiful Christmas plant, with their red flowers offsetting their green leaves.  It's very common to pick up these plants in the winter and use them to help create a holiday atmosphere in your home.  But when ingested, these plants are poisonous to your dogs.  Instead of spending the holidays at the emergency vet, make sure that any poinsettias you have are placed well out of reach of your dog(s) or skip them altogether.  Other holiday plants that can poison your dog include pine needles, holly and mistletoe.

If you live with a chewer, you need to take extra care with all of your holiday light cords.  Chewing through these cords can lead to your dog being electrocuted, so make sure that they are tucked out of reach.

Candles are popular during the holiday season, but it doesn't take much for a dog to knock one over, potentially burning them and setting fire to your home.  Be sure that candles are placed out of reach and are not on tables that could be bumped, causing the candle to fall over.

Children love seeing all of the presents tucked under the tree, but these can present more dangers to your dog.  Ribbon can become a choking hazard if it gets wrapped around your dog's neck while they are snooping through the gifts.  If they decide it looks tasty, they run the risk of choking or having the ribbon twist through their intestines, which will require emergency surgery to remove.

Many people agree that the food is the best part of the season, but before you share those delicious tastes with your furry friend, know that some foods can be toxic or even fatal to your dog.

Chocolate is a big no-no for dogs, and if eaten can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, heart arrhythmias, tremors, seizures and more.  Don't share your chocolate with your dog, and avoid placing wrapped chocolate under the tree where your dog can get to it.

Other foods that you need to avoid feeding your dog, no matter how cute they are, include fat trimmings, bones and nuts.

From all of us here at K9 Central, we wish you and your furry friends a happy holiday season!

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