Beginner Scent Detection Worshop     
Date: Sunday July 16/2023  (Limited Spots Available)
Time: 9am-12:30pm OR 1:00pm-4:30pm
Price: $110.00+tax


Looking for something fun to do with your dog or puppy?

Scent Detections is one of the fastest growing dog sports! Dogs will be trained to find hidden scents. No training prerequisites required.

Equipment: Dogs should work in flat collars or harnesses with a minimum 6 ft leash (no Flexis). Bring plenty of treats cut small (toys/tugs optional).

Benefits of Scent Detection: 

  • can be done anywhere
  • mental stimulation
  • great for confidence
  • dogs get to use their natural abilities


Instructor Bio: Karin Apfel
Karin has been training and competing with dogs for over 25 years in Rally-O, flyball and agility. Her passion for the past few years has been detection work, particularly teaching sporting detection for competition. After discovering the value of scent work to build confidence in nervous or reactive dogs and the true enjoyment all dogs get from using their primary sense to play games, she worked with several law enforcement and private detection professionals and, in 2012, started the Sporting Detection Dogs Association in partnership with several other trainers. She is currently the president of the SDDA and teaches weekly classes in detection in Newmarket.

Call 905-623-3940 or email to register.